Photographer Anders Jorulf, born in Gothenburg 1964 has plenty of awards to proudly represent his life long professional achievements through his photography. Adding to his well achieved resumé he also aligns with presenting artistic photography, capturing portraits, his unique artistic visualization of city life, and his travels to South Africa sharing it’s vivid wildlife through the lens of the camera. Anders arranges through his own company Fotoadventures.se photo- workshops in Lofoten, Island and South Africa.  He is also actively working with the organisation Star for Life.     

Besides workshops, studiowork, photoadventures in the wild nature of Scandinavia and Southafrica he has been exhibiting his photography in various art venues in Sweden and New York. His successful work and dedication to his art is being widely represented in various places.

With his endless drive and passion to explore and share his great aspiration to continuously experience what more there is to discover through the technology of camera, in known and unknown territories, different environments, for the love of nature, intriguing cities, encountering the animallife big or small, the adventures and story of Anders Jorulf continues.

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